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****** In this video I shall be speaking about my struggles with autism. I made …


  1. At red carpet car wash in Fresno ca we get up to 600+ cars in the summer

  2. Everyone needs to feel needed and like we have a sense of worth …. I love what u are doing , not just for ur kid but also for the rest of the guys …. awesome job

  3. I felt tht my urge to open a car wash business now has a purpose!

  4. Jonathan Maldonado

    hands down to the father and son…..RESPECT

  5. I love how the D'Eri family has always known that there are no disabilities just that we all have differing abilities.. Thank you for being a pioneer in this grassroots movement….

  6. Hello I saw a Documentary about that. And I can´t found the name. Somebody can help me. Is very important because for me is a genial way to explain the autism problems.

  7. Thank you so much for showing the world how to take such a high road. I will share this widely.

  8. Very inspirational!

  9. Always knew potatoes are good for cleaning glass and metal.

  10. Bat Birth Control

    the only disability is attitude

  11. I wouldn't go there not because they are autistic but because those brushes would scratch my car.

  12. Weaponized autism is real.

  13. Just a Youtuber

    this is exciting news for redditors. now they can have a job and a life.

  14. Incredible. Good on you guys for giving them a chance when very few would.

  15. Awesome

  16. Ahmad Hafizudin Azmi

    Thanks for making this world brighter..

  17. Beautiful!

  18. amazing

  19. Awesome Universe


  20. What a great thing you guys are doing… well done.

  21. …Start filling in the blanks on why you got such a sh*t wash.

  22. Hubert Applebaum

    Everyone has a place in society. Stop bashing on these people that work hard and overcame their difficulties. #Respect

  23. great idea

  24. Alex McDouchebag

    How'd they get all these kids off 4Chan?

  25. Movie's Bloody Stool Gave Me AIDS

    2:59 TUROK

  26. I have a 7 year old autistic son that does not speak yet. I cry every night. This video gave me a huge feeling of hope as I worry about nothing else other than my son well being and I pray he one day can care for himself once I have passed. Thank you for the video.

  27. lefthandedpolack

    i used to work with an austistic guy at a pizza hut. i was the only one he would interact with because i treated him like a normal person.

  28. stumbled onto this…. this is so crazy. I'm related to this family who owns the car wash. My late grandfather's sister's family. Hi guys!!!! Chris here! So inspiring to see this, had no idea you guys were doing this! Keep up the great work!

  29. AWESOME!

  30. am a Kenyan boy also looking forward in opening a successful car wash back their…..my God bless you guys

  31. Wonderful work, I'm truly blessed and touched by this video. Thank you for what you're doing

  32. I really love this video! It's so encouraging to see them in a place where they are valued and treated like people that they are! Despite all the negative, uneducated, troll comments, this is a great company and family who know the struggle and really care. ^-^

  33. Petra Lucie Žaloudíková

    I have an high functioning autism and have and keep a job is a huge deal to me. For me the worst thing ever is social interaction and I am also slow, because of dealing with details. We need to have everything perfect. I do things perfect or don´t do them, try to work in fabric. And all because my brain is plugged in a bit differently. And yeah I have learnt English, just by watching movies and reading stupid comments on you tube.

  34. This is a great idea. Thank You for making the world a better place.

  35. Love, LOVE this!

  36. Casey Hernandez

    After reading some of the comments..some of you people are hartless

  37. My younger of 2 Son's is in the mild autistic spectrum, this is simply bloody brilliant that this guy has seen an opening for young adults to work and feel great about their job.

    Superb !!!

  38. Truly fascinating

  39. lol saw this on gaf and voat.co/v/neofag

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