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My Struggles With Autism

****** In this video I shall be speaking about my struggles with autism. I made …


  1. hello I'm also a teacher for kids with special needs, I'm running an online fundraising for kids with autism. Please check out the link https://www.youcaring.com/autismclassinsurigaocity-680962 . Have a great day everyone! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the video!

  3. <3 ūüôā

  4. The classroom in this video I think would be overwhelming for a student with autism. It is too busy.

  5. great tips

  6. Excellent tips thank you

  7. marissa fernandez

    hheee  im  time  sucks              wacka     ey  ey    shakira 

  8. Thanks for this video, it has some very helpful tips in there for teachers and parents. Two of my children have ASD, and I'm now studying to become a teacher of younger children. With the increasing number of students with ASD going to mainstream schools, this video is so important to have out there for the teachers and schools in general. I'd like to share this as a resource for I'm preparing a Uni assignment on this very topic. Thanks again.

  9. (running our of spaces, not bad spelling)

  10. People do not make rude comments, or cause problems out of the goodness of their heart. They do so to draw attention away from someone who is successful, or is more successful than themselves. Take not of the "critics" name he is using derogatory statements on posts that get many hits to promote himself, do not reward him for his bad behavior, ignore him. It is a great instructional video, recommended in fact by my Professor at college to the class as a learning tool for teaching ALD children

  11. anti/HUMAN Designs

    There's nothing wrong with your voice. I believe the microphone is causing some frequencies to be boosted, though. Also, the background noise is quite sharp and it hurts my aspie ears. But like you said, this video wasn't mean to be public. If it was, then you should consider the aspies watching it may have auditory sensitivity to sharp noisy sounds.

  12. I am a mother of a 5yr old boy showing signs of Autism. He is finding it very difficult in school, especially without a diagnosis, and the methods you have shown here are exactly what I have been trying to create for him.
    Thank you for your video. It will effect more people than you realise and it will also help those who don't know what to do. Not just for students but for parents as well.

  13. This is a great video highlighting some great teaching strategies. Not at all apparent that you were a student. I will definitely share with my graduate students in speech-language pathology.

  14. I think your video provides some very helpful tips. I saw this video because my professor incorporated into our lesson this week. I think you did a great job!

  15. And your /,/ (comma) and your /./ (period) should have been within the end quotation marks. You're just a jerk throwing stones from your glass house. Loser.

  16. ReadsWith Otusa

    What an awesome video! Extermly well done!!

  17. Thank you so much for all these helpful tips and for putting this video up!

  18. Autism is not always a bad thing as there many talented people out there who were suffering with autism and they cope well to become better than normal people. Think about some historic people with autism.

  19. Gripe to yourself asshole! There was no need to share your bullshit comment! My son has autism and he is not "fucked up"! I can't stand "educators" like you that talk shit and do a bull shit job at teaching our students. What happened to respect and equality. I hope you find a different profession maybe you won't be so damn miserable. Stop wasting the time of these individuals that are in need of supportive educators who teach empowerment and success.

  20. If someone isn't very good at casually talking to people and can't put what they have in their mind into words very well, does that mean they have autism?

  21. Kaela Creighton

    it took me awhile to learn the human words for these things.

  22. Kaela Creighton

    autism: no deterioration, difficulty with communication, social problems, still interacts with real environment. SZ: deterioration, loss of communication, social withdrawal, has unusual behaviors that aren't logical to environment. I can see how they'd get confused. Some of you look like you're in recovery. Autism is pervasive.

  23. Obviously a troll.

  24. To speak about about any child in the manner that you did is awful. As an educator, you seem very unprofessional and uneducated! I pray for the children in your class!

  25. ThePlanetHorizon (TT)

    Luv it!

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