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Group homes for autistic adults

As the variety of youngsters with autism rises within the US, so does the variety of autistic adults who want providers. Many find yourself in group house and, as Ines Ferre stories, the wait lists for these homes are rising.


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  1. can I there too guys I am one too

  2. so.. this house is basically a furry convention?

  3. All developmentally disabled people belong in group homes

  4. That Squiddy Pineapple

    This must be a peaceful place to live. I'm glad they are with their peers and be happy.

  5. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was 5 and I went through TONS of speech therapy in grade school to learn how to be social. I also studied interactions and used that to help me make friends. It's the end of 8th grade for me in my middle school and I'm a completely different person now. I've never been so social in my life and it just feels so good to communicate. My school tried to put me in Special Ed and their afterschool activity for kids with special needs but my parents fought back and let me have a normal education. I only learned to be social because I was around people who were normal enough for me to study how they acted. Those kids in Special Ed will never get anywhere because they don't have any real life examples. It just pains me to see that parents would just give up on their children like this though. These social homes look like absolute shit. All these parents who complain about not having the perfect child because they have autism or the parents who think their autistic child is a burden are just horrible to just leave their children in these hell houses to rot. I'm happy that I can live a normal life and move on to high school. If you're a parent hearing this and you have an autistic child never give up on them. You might underestimate them in the end.

  6. "What did you do with your money today?"

    "bought some coffee."

    He looks so calm saying it XD

  7. Im autistic and i dont like it

  8. I bet some insane wrestling matches go down in there

  9. Will Stonehocker

    I'm stunned.

  10. Austin TheEnigma

    why did this pop up on my feed?

  11. So many Vegetables

  12. Autistic screeching intensifies

  13. Put them in a group trash compactor.

  14. my earphones are picking up different sounds in each ear

  15. Autrtm


  16. dont they have wifes or children?

  17. "they like working because it gives them a sense of purpose"

  18. "bawt sum cawfee"

  19. I can only hear the audio through one earphone wtf

  20. disliked for retarded audio

  21. This is beautiful

  22. Very nice video! I have Aspergers Syndrome.

  23. great job for those have done this video,

  24. This is the most positive autism-based video i've ever seen on youtube

  25. Insert name here

    He sounds like they forced him say the things he said and like he is a robot.

  26. What did you do with your money?

  27. We have 2 things the same: 1 I respect disabled people because I am a little bit disabled. point 2 look it my profile picture on my background stars and stripes so god bless you and have a nice day.

  28. I am Autistic too and have a lower iQ and I live in the Netherlands but I am not stupid. I am not educated but I speak risible English. Thats my point some people are not autistic and can t speak a second Language. But not every autistic are the all same. But my problem with my handicap I can t have stress I can t have payment job. And if there are to much crowd I can t handle it.

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