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Madison: Before & After Vaccine Induced Autism

Our Journey of Autism via our daughter’s eyes!

I’ll all the time welcome others whom have witnessed the identical expertise with their youngsters. Strength is in numbers, Please be happy to share your story!!

But in case you have not observed, this isn’t up for debate. If you will have legit questions, they are going to be answered in a respectful method. If you’re right here solely to disrupt the integrity of this video, or use hateful phrases of any sort you’ll be banned and all of your posts will probably be deleted. I can’t permit anybody to return on right here and inform me that my daughter was BORN with autism, shes wasn’t! I can’t permit any feedback that say vaccines do not trigger autism like signs, they DO! I can’t permit anybody to attempt to inform me that vaccines are for the larger good, and that I’ve to sacrifice any of my youngsters to save lots of yours, I’ve already with one, so I WON’T with another! Simple, that is our expertise with vaccines and I’ve a proper to share it with the world. If you don`t agree, go elsewhere to spew your uneducated sheep speech as a result of it gained`t be tolerated right here!


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  1. did you get a vaccine because you clearly have autism

  2. blazeing bomber 02

    ma'am my brother is and has been autistic ever since he was born and wile i am glad that you still love your daughter and try and be with her but autism doesnt come from vaccines it is a mental oddity and that doesnt mean your child is wrong, yet a vaccine could never alter the wiring of the brain. if you have a different opinion or anything youd like to add please do so,

  3. Aprende jugando

    have you heard about Andreas Kalcker, he has done great research about autism and vaccines, and he has a protocol that help the kids to make significant progress.

  4. Pascoal Freitas

    she even walked before one year.. why do you think vaccinations did that? and more.. what could she speak before the first year she couldn't after?

  5. bullshit

  6. Matti Suutarinen

    lots of msm brainwashed subhumans commenting.

  7. Matti Suutarinen

    i hate vaccine big pharma vaccine murderers. i hope you all will pay when you die!!! You are evil and love to see you burn in hell

  8. Zurama L Johnston

    Vaccines do Cause Autism and our children are living proof. You are not alone!

  9. You can gain severe brain damage from high body temperature

  10. i understand you were probably devastated and looking for answers but vaccines are not that answer,
    vaccines save lives and preaching they are dangerous is more dangerous than actually having a vaccine allergy

  11. Atlantis Returning

    exactly my girls symptoms in 1997, I've endured insults, and harassment. My poor daughter, stopped talking, insomnia, diarrhea, screaming, . ..

  12. Atlantis Returning

    this happened to my 18 month old after 2 rounds of mmrs. it's real I'm telling you.

  13. Nothing but a bunch of blind, fearful idiots commenting on this post. Keep telling yourselves that vaccines do not cause autism. Morons

  14. Enough IsEnough

    The EXACT SAME THING happened to my daughter after the MMR booster. She even had seizures after the vaccine. I believe you. don't listen to the non believers. of course the government won't admit or say that vaccines can cause autism, could you imagine if they did? no child would be vaccinated again cuz parents wouldn't do it.

  15. I've been reading lots of the comments on here and it's clear there are very different opinions about your little girl, who was absolutely beautiful as a baby, but though still absolutely gorgeous, the light does appear to have gone out in her eyes, that cheeky grin n that little sparkle have sadly left and you say she changed after having the vaccination? From the pictures it certainly appears that's the case. Someone said it was from the chicken pox but evidently she was happy as even when she had them and most probably long after they left. I don't know what Drs have said, again, I'm sure it's mixed opinion. I want to say that before seeing this video I strongly didn't share your opinion on vaccinations at all, do I now? The only reason I do is because YOU are her mummy, and you know her best, better than anyone, along with her dad roo obviously, but it's us women that carry them and we just know don't we. When my son was about 10, he's 14 now, he fell, it didn't hurt him too much n everyone said he'd be ok, I felt his arm n felt a dent in it, I told his dad, my mum, n step dad, "he's broken it" to deaf ears of course! I had him to the hospital n X-rays showed he'd broken it, I told the dr, "Yeah I felt where it was broken" he told me, "You couldn't possibly have felt the break as its so tiny no one would be able to feel it" I felt it again and couldn't feel what I had before, maybe it was instinct. The same when my 8 yr old was about two months old I noticed hi eye averting to one side, I knew we'd have problems and yeah, no one else could see it but me n they thought I was going mad till one day my step dad saw what I'd been saying all along, anyhow he's had an op and doing great. My brother n sister in law had a baby Lucy that had Edwards syndrome, it's awful and sadly she died at twenty eight weeks they had a perfectly healthy son already n after another perfectly healthy daughter. My point is, I feel that yes in this case and maybe many many others vaccines can or do cause autism. But it's like this, vaccines have saved many many lives too. I believe that like as a teenager we had our TB jabs, we'd have a five point needle circle jabbed into our arms n with some kids it stayed n some it left n I'm not sure which way round it was but one meant that you had to have the actual TB vaccine n the other didn't so in their bodies they were different n already immune to it. We can't risk not giving our children vaccines as they could get much worse an illness than autism. Please don't think I'm saying it isn't bad, it must be terrible having a child and her going from a healthy happy girl to more or less a new child you no longer recognise, but what about polio and mmr, what if we stop with the vaccinations, then what? Children would catch illnesses that can leave them paralysed, disabled, or brain dead. I know what I'd rather have, I'd rather have a living child, that has autism, than for them to be in an early grave. I'm not minimising what she has bless her and I'm sure most, if not every day must be a struggle. But think how many children have autism after vaccines at the side of the ones that don't. I believe it's just something in certain humans that this unfortunately happens too, but you can't play God and other peoples because this is what it did to your child or because someone you know has autism after having their vaccines. It's like anything else in life, cancer, muscular dystrophy Alzheimer's. Some get them n some don't. To campaign against something that saves millions of lives I believe is wrong, it's your right, but instead of being angry at what caused this, just carry on being a wonderful family and loving the daughter that is so beautiful and is alive and healthy, luckily you still have her, someone you may talk to might think "oh I'm not giving my child a vaccine if this is what happens" and that child contracts some disease, a disease that kills them, but could have so easily been prevented with a simple vaccine? I know if this was me Id love my children no matter what they have, but I'd rather do that loving here with them here alive and with me. Sending all my love and your little angel has a long and happily fulfilled life xxx

  16. CellusGaming2k3

    She is retarded thats all its k she will grow up and hopefuly find love and shit but dont be hippies just dont.

  17. These fucks

  18. hat_pick_ 13579

    what the fuck sorry my language but you just placing in the description say autism is cause vaccine and I delete your comments if so is horrible I have have fucking autism and yet I was diagnose before I ever had a vaccine even sciencist have proven that autism is not cause by vaccines

  19. We continue to expose some infants to an environment that we have known for decades alters brain waves and somehow still expect their brains to develop normally. The first units were sold in 1938 but a new smaller version came to market in the mid 1980's and became widely used in the the homes of most Americans; Hence the large increase in autism.

  20. Rosalind Kensic

    This Kid in the Picture use to put his Finger in his Butt & pull his pants down & stick his bear Butt at you & He doesn't like Riding in a Car for Long Hours He won't go Shopping for clothes He is ADHD & in Special Ed since 3 years Old. He still pisses the Bed's, Sofa, Chairs,Car Seat He is going on 9 years Old His Brain doesn't shut down & When it does, I have a Hard Time Waking him up & I have been having a very Hard time with Angel since Birth He isn't like most Normal Kid's Where you Tell them Move get up & they will He does the exact oppisite!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rosalind Kensic

    1st of all my grandson did & does some Strange things it was & is hard to Deal with

  22. I have to say, I watched your beautiful video. ..and you have an amazing and beautiful little girl! but, I was afraid to look at the comments for fear that people would be totally against getting children vaccinated. I was very pleasantly surprised when I read the comments! i have two children with autism, one is severe with a secondary dx of momr….all of my kids have been vaccinated. .. I am sorry, but, I would rather deal with a child with autism, than deal with a child dying of some rare disease that we thought was eradicated decades ago. . now because people aren't getting their kids vaccinated, these diseases are making a come back. …sorry for the rant. ..your little girl is so beautiful!

  23. There used to be 4 ingredients in vaccines. Now there are over 200. Genetically modified food. Now the govt in collusion with the huge drug lobby are conducting experiments on genetically modifying humans. DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN. They are being used as guinea pigs by the govt, drug lobby, & very corrupted, very lobbied National Institute of Health. They are doing it just to see if they can and to lower populations of certain demographics.

  24. science? (joke), medical journals? (bullshit with compromised results) or just flat out covered up lies. CDC? (fucking government killing machine). Vaccines injure and kill people and kids who before the vaccine are perfectly healthy. you science assholes are a huge problem in this debate. You take the word of "scientists" and proven CDC liars and propagandists as gospel truth. Don't give me all these flawed numbers and studies that hide proven facts and even promote more of this mass poisoning on the human population. Bill Gates would vax the entire population out of existence if he could. If you want to inject this toxic shit into yourself have at it! But don't criticize people who have looked at links between vaccines and poor health and even death and make an informed decision not too.

  25. which vaccine did she start acting different after? I read alot of people say it was the MMR

  26. Explain why vaccines cause autism. Feel free to link any evidence.

  27. Josefine Andersen

    as a person with autism. i would like to say it is not THE END OF THE WORLD. i got a full-time work and a college degree. yes i was vaccine no i don't think that was the reason why. and even if it was, is it not better to have a child there is a bit different then you know a bit DEATH . or worse give the sickness to baby's there are too little to be vaccine.

  28. Transhumanism Via New Vaccines with Synthetic Genes New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA
    There is no informed consent. The human guinea pigs have no knowledge of what is being done to them.

  29. I am so sorry about what happened to your beautiful daughter! Of course, vaccines cause autism in some children. Even CDC’s immunization safety director says it’s a “possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism but “it’s hard to predict who those children might be.” You can listen to him here. https://sharylattkisson.com/cdc-possibility-that-vaccines-rarely-trigger-autism/
    Do you know of Hannah Poling case? Her family won the case and was paid 1,5 million dollars because vaccines caused their daughter's autism.

    They have 0 research how multiple vaccines affect a human (for example they give 9 vaccines to 2 month baby). And if they do small research they do it on healthy people, not people with lots of allergies or autoimmune diseases).
    And last thing, if vaccines are safe then how do you explain that vaccine injury compensation trust fund paid 3,5 billion dollars to vaccine injured people including getting autism?

  30. Belinda belinda

    this little girl was born with autism ..its a shame the parents blame the vaccination program for a little girl that can't help the way she is …

  31. wow! a thing started happening and at around the same time another thing happened? must be the cause

  32. If you think vaccines cause autism, you have autism

  33. backlash to ignorance

    If there is no thing called induced autism…smart people….why does the government have fund set a side for those injured by vaccination….including injury produced autism…too smart to be intelligent smh

  34. backlash to ignorance

    I am confused autism rocks!!?? I have a sister 39 now numerous homes suspected rapes being torture from these evil vile workers…being autistic is hard heart breaking!!!!!!!

  35. Don't watch this video! It gives you cancer! There's a hidden 25th frame that activates a spesific pathway in your glucolitic brain catablism and gives you cancer! They will never tell you that the only cure is to drink a juice of walnut mixed with sunflower oil! Spread the word fast, people are kiled by them, they don't want us to know the thruth!

  36. I'm sorry but you can tell in some of the early pictures that something just isn't right you can see it in her face. Vaccines have nothing to do with autism.

  37. Okay, this is wrong. Vaccines, dont, cause, autism, how are kids born with autism? Well one a family memeber had to of had autism, or two, a fucking mutation happened causing autism, there is no such thing, as vaccine causing autism, there is no scientific proof, or proof of it every happening. So, shut up.

  38. I had vaccines. I was not autistic. my daughter is 3. she is fine. reading ABCs and she had vaccines. she doesn't have autism.
    I think you're a freak to believe vaccination is the cause of autism.

    we don't know how autism are formed. it might be from the mother or it might be from the father Genes.

    we need vaccination to protect us from diseases like polio like diseases from other countries like Africa. if you believe vaccination is the cause of autism, I would say whoever spread this stupidity news is the biggest moron.

  39. Slept through the whole "nite"?Looks like the whole family has autism.

  40. When are we going to take back our country and destroy these serpents !!

  41. Help! Can anybody name 1 member in congress, who has child with autism and/or a child Born with birth defect medically defined which means child died within months. Autism 1 in 35 and births and 4 in 100. Therefore, the law of avg says 16 and 22 respectively, members of congress affected. good luck-! I found 0. palin's was downs and.not a birth defect.
    So the cure is what 535 people and immune to both are doing in the house and senate and/or Congress's. Since they know because there is 0 and def way below avg and isn't just saying oh this factor or this factor and The ratio is reduced so maybe its the area or higher education, food, air etc. . How bout them vaccines they make mandatory and they do not get and pose in pics as if they do. Maybe autism doesn't enter Washington, maybe they are aliens and comprised of different genes. So no need to support any fundraisers or money bombs race for the autism cure research. research. I found who knows the cure.

  42. Jenifer Budzinski

    We all come to our conclusions based on our experience. Until you walk in the shoes of a parent with autism (me included), you can't possibly understand. Check out the documentary vaxxed! Love to Madison's family!!!!

  43. Jenifer Budzinski

    We all come to our conclusions based on our experience. Until you walk in the shoes of a parent with autism (me included), you can't possibly understand. Check out the documentary vaxxed! Love to Madison's family!!!!

  44. Holly Waybright

    I find this very to hard to believe a shot would do this my daughter had rosela it never madw her loose her voice shw was in fact she got it twiced there was something wrong with your baby from birth I'm sorry so blunt but you can see the pics she don't look rifjr from the beginning so stop blaming the shots

  45. it has been proven that vaccines don't cause autism,that is sure. but say they do cause autism, the vast majority of children do not develop autism or other conditions, the vaccines also have all but eradicated horrible diseases. so instead of complaining and calling to boycott immunisations, help with research that you think will 'prove' your views. because the effect of immunisations on the greater public has been overwhelmingly positive.

  46. It like getting a vaccine, the next day you get hurt and saying it was the vaccine

  47. My brain cancer of the day.
    Vaccines don't cause autism you're born with it.
    Last time I checked autism is worse than polio.
    Albert Einstein had autism and look what he did.

  48. Amanda Henderson

    Autisum is NOT caused by anything. This video is insulting to those who have Autism or AS. If you think you're child has Autism because of any reason to cause it, YOU are the problem. Please do the research. Its people like this, that think Autism is caused by anything that it can be blamed on( like Vaccinations) are the problem. We need to spread awareness and education about Autism.
    Autism is not a bad thing.

  49. Description in a nutshell: Don't tell me anything that proves me wrong, because I am RIGHT!!

    What an idiot.

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