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Speech and language deficits are sometimes the primary signal of autism. Some individuals with autism …


  1. Kys

  2. I'm incredibly likely to be autistic.Not confirmed yet.But if I have it,how is it devastating?I learned how to play 6 songs on ukulele(quite complicated ones too) in an hour and a half thanks to it.

  3. autism isn't devastating 🙁
    why are you making it sound like a disease? when a baby is made, the parents should be prepared to deal with any mental disorders or disabilities… or just not make babies. Autistic people can lead very happy lives, but different than everyone else.

  4. jesssus crist you make autism sound solo bad!!

  5.  Implementing this type of early screening is to have tunnel vision. Any child that is shy, has a speech delay, or a personality that does not fit into the American ideal of a super-confident, talkative and compliant child will be labeled as autistic. This autistic label marks the child as deficient, and teachers and caregivers work towards an outside idea of normal instead of taking the context of the situation into consideration. You can see these narrow ideas of "normal" being implemented throughout U.S. history with homosexuals and other people who do not fall into social norms being labeled as "deviant". This trend in labeling and separating children as "autistic", is just a reiteration this tyrannical need to categorize and negatively frame individuals who do not fall within norms.

  6. Thanks Krista!..thats awesome! i started PECS with a small album and pieces of photos but i dont get it!.. do we supposed to live the album on a tsble for the child to show us stuff? my child is 2y/o and likes to play with it and dont like to put them back… its a mess! i wish i can find a way to teach PECS in a right away. Please advice when you get a chance..god bless you!

  7. Nick's severe symptoms were hour long meltdowns and cuddling and consoling made it worse. He bangled his head. Didn't play with toys. Didn't seem to even recognize his name. He didn't really smile or laugh much.

    We tried ABA and it didn't work, but PECS did. They are picture cards. We use the picture and a word, and still do. When he started talking he spoke very clearly. Now at 5 he really needs his PECS to really get his needs met, but he points to the card & says the word.

  8. Hi krysta! tx for your comment. what age baby #1 started talking? any advice anything you sow that motivate him to started talking? do you mind telling us what severe symptoms your son had in order for doctors to diagnos "severe"? learning about it so i can help my own. thanks so much

  9. Thats great news! awesome.

  10. They are now able to give a diagnosis. My son had his from the primary care doctor at 9 months old. He is now 5 years old and still has his diagnosis.

  11. Ran out of space 🙂
    I encourage parents to have their children screened as young as 18 months old. The benefits are worth the hour or two of meeting with a team of evaluators. My youngest son is now 2 years old and just after his 2nd birthday he was evaluated. He wasn't yet speaking, but he was making sounds. Autism was not a concern as the only issue was lack of words, however the testing said he was ok and on track. Now at nearly 2 1/2 he is talking and typically developing.

  12. He is now 5 years old and has far exceeded anyone's expectations. He is in a regular ed classroom with a one on one aide, and he is using his words to get his needs met most of the time. Doctors at this point can't agree on his diagnosis. One say classic autism spectrum disorder because of some very severe symptoms he has, and another says because he is speaking he has asperger's. Either way he has an array of therapy and is making progress in leaps and bounds.

  13. How is he doing now? please update!

  14. the delay is called..ORAL APRAXIA!

  15. So if you meet an adult with "a lack of communication,eye contact and abstract behavior" would you give them a job? will marry them? just curious.

  16. mild..he is the one who can fuction as an adult. but severe and low autsism will always need people to helpm them and tace care of them. moslty severe austism are non verbal.

  17. They can not say for sure if a 14m old infant is under the spectrum but they can see he is at "risk" so parents can take action. once they are 2 to 3y/o then they get diagnose.

  18. Are you NT _Aspe or mild autistic? you are not severe for sure but your kids can come to the world with severe autism. count your blessings and thank everyday

  19. betty..the 3y/o back then still NON verbal? thanks

  20. Austism can not hidden or lie about it!

  21. not if its severe austism..its devastating for parents to learn their child wont be able to function as an adult and will end in a group home or mental place after they are gone.

  22. trisha..at what age did you started talking? are you an adult and have an independant life? boyfriend? job? please let me know interested to know how a child with austism will function as an adult. I see you were not severe autism.

  23. Its devastating for parents when they get the screen test and their kids get diagnost. For us is being the harderst thing in our life!

  24. But I did all of these things and I have autism and disability because of my autism. It's different for girls and it's different with a child who internalizes. I stimmed so bad that mom nail my crib to the wall. I didn't engage play with others on other peoples' terms only on my own. I would play in my crib all day content to be alone but I WOULD play with others IF it held my interest. Be careful with these videos. They know less about it than you think.

  25. What kind of video is this. The doctor at the start of the video is really the devastated one. You are focusing on the normal people that cannot cope up with the realities of life not in helping the child who needs our help.

  26. This is a devastating video! As a parent of 2 children diagnosed on the spectrum, and seeing signs in my 3rd, I was looking for early symptoms in infancy.

    I feel sorry for a parent new to the community or a parent with concerns who may use this video to help educate, because all you are doing is creating that fear in a parent.

    I look at my older sons aspergers and younger sons autism as gifts. They may have some challenges but they also have many advantages, that said, doesnt everyone?

  27. Are you kidding me? YOUR BORN WITH IT NOT A RISK FOR IT!

  28. That's why it's a screening tool, not a diagnostic tool.

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