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  1. Juan Moisés de la Serna

    Thank you by the video.
    I used like part of a post called "Getting into the emotional world of autism patients"

  2. diagnosed "developmental disorders" on a number of fronts. I am not making a direct analogy but indeed it would interesting to entertain that from the perspective of let's say Neanderthals that some of the "developmental refinements" – or more contemporaneous or recently emerging nuanced developmental capacities – of modern day hominids would be registered as the equivalence of aberrance or pathology!

  3. perseverative behaviors, etc.). In more than one instance a convincing argument can be made that "neurotypicals" lack a certain heightened or deepened perceptual awareness that is vital and critical to not only the sustainability but higher attainments (higher developmental capacities) within our species, e.g., some of the most gifted artists, poets and inventors. How many retrospectively (and concurrently) would be diagnosed as having Aspergers? We need to be extremely cautious in how we

  4. I'm a developmental therapist using a DIR based approach with families of children with ASD We begin to tread on dangerous grounds when we begin to too quickly pathologize rather than to actually learn how to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the ability for others (diagnosed and too often misdiagnosed with ASD) to register a higher degree of intuitive and empathic awareness, and the language of the engagement beneath superficially targeted and misunderstood symptoms (e.g., avoidance, anxiety,.

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