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Autism See the Potential

This video, which features the incredible Michael McCreary, is a wonderful introduction to autism spectrum disorder. The video was created to support customer service professionals when they provide services or support to people with ASD; however the positive response from the general public has been overwhelming.

This video is so accessible and entertaining, it offers something for everyone.

Starring Michael McCreary, Julien Basque, Geoff Cameron and Chris Cameron.

Written and directed by Susan McCreary.

You are welcome to share this video with attribution:
Autism: See the Potential
Autism Ontario

Support more projects like this with a contribution to Autism Ontario’s work. We want everyone to understand autism and to see the potential! You can support Autism Ontario and the work we do by donating at: www.autismontario.com
This printable tip sheet for customer service reps is an accompanying resource to the video: bit.ly/1PlP5H7
This is an Autism Ontario initiative made possible by a grant from Autism Speaks Canada.


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