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Autism Recovery Video !!!

It has been precisely three years since we began Kainoa on biomedical remedies (per the Defeat Autism Now protocol) and an aggressive and intensive ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program. We are grateful and grateful that Kai has made monumental progress and though, he continues on his particular weight loss plan (gluten free / casein free – “no wheat, no milk”) and takes a bunch of dietary supplements, Kai is what we referred to as “in managed recovery”.


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  1. NONSENSE.You never recover from Autism.NEVER

  2. I have no credentials and I'm not a therapist or anything in that medical field. my son had an autism what I did to have him recovered from that was "conditioning" Just like how animals learn in some ways. I used his hunger and his thirst to control him and each time he do something I awarded him by small amount of water or food. now it has been few years and he is fine.

  3. thanks a lot for this inspiring video. i watched it when i was told that my son had autism. it was a hard time and i was not able to get the therapy or any kind of help because it is very expensive in my country and rare. so i started treating him this way at home and i used more than 200 videos of animations that include fans or wheels or any thing he likes then he managed to gesture the songs and sing . i focused on taking videos of himself when doing something new and show him the video it helped a lot. a little at a time he added his vocab. now he is five and he is an a student in class nobody at schools knows that he is autistc.

  4. I can't stand that ABA therapist…

  5. okay, you can't cure Autism. It is just a part of you or someone you know that is born with it. It really isn't bad, once you figure out how to manage it. & when I say you, I mean your kid or someone you know. If you get a dog it really helps, but you can't cure Autism. Like it doesn't hurt you in any way, like there is no pain. Think of it this way, how would you feel if somebody was giving you treatment for the un curable?…

  6. Christina Segundo

    That is amaxing…please tell me what you did step by step please

  7. Christina Segundo

    his brother is identical to my son….

  8. Christina Segundo

    wow his look is just like my sons ..the dark circles and skinny figure..sad what all these toxins have done to our children

  9. I loved this video . my son has some signs of autism and  is currently seeing therapist for behavior and speech and soon to be helped my ABA, one of my things is that the sooner you catch the signs and you get help , the better outcome, my son is 2 years old and 4 moths and he knows his ABC AND 1-10 . some signs I caught were that he flaps hands and he lines up things like toys and any objects, and also stacks a lot of objects on top of each other , by the way I love to see this great outcome

  10. Yes he has recovered. What a Blessing~

  11. First off, let me say my heart goes out to the Chorman family – I don't doubt that the parents chose the autism therapy from a place of love and concern for their child, and I do hope the best for the now-about-13-year-old Kainoa.

    That said… Oh my. The part on Kainoa's ABA therapy was very painful to watch. In the Autistic community, ABA and other compliance-based, not-allowed-to-set-boundaries therapies are seen as abusive, a process that attacks the human dignity of the child in an effort to mold the child in extremely unnatural – and harmful – ways. It seems the ABA as done in this video is an unfortunate example of that process.

    We believe ABA exasperates very real lifelong problems of Autistics, such as our high risk/rate of being abuse victims or dying by suicide, and having our experiences and needs delegitimized by our caregivers and society at large. An Autistic child is seen as a project that needs to be fixed to the caregivers' standard, rather than someone with needs and abilities that is led to thrive in a humane and developmentally-appropriate way.

    I know the parents of Kainoa didn't intend this, but this and other "recovered" or "cured" Autism videos does real harm to Autistics and the Autistic community. It perpetuates the idea that, if and when we behave in ways that disrupts or disturbs allistic adults, then we're Autistic snowflakes that need fixing at all costs; our adult caregivers need/should speak for Autistics because we can't/shouldn't speak for ourselves; and our lot in life is for allistics to pity us and look for cures or prevention. If we don't behave in such a way, we're not legitimately Autistic (We're cured! Recovered! Reversed! Never Autistic in the first place! etc. etc.); we can't/shouldn't speak for the "real" Autistic experience; and our lot in life is to either be praised as a cured person-formerly-with-autism, or mocked for talking about our autism and Autistic experiences, community, etc…

    For those of you still reading: The Autistic community advocates for progressive but humane therapy such as Floor Time, along with integrated play and living with allistic people and children; increasing acceptance for non-neurotypical behaviors like self-stimulation and having special interests and ways of play; and increasing acceptance for non-verbal styles of communication (such as sign language, sight charts, typing, and others). There may be a bit of truth for helping decrease Autistic burnout or meltdowns by way of diet (the idea that normal gastrointestinal distress impacts Autistics with sensory processing issues more so than allistics, thus reducing such Autistics' ability/limit to handle other forms of sensory distress), but so far scientific studies don't support most other biomed treatments.

  12. Really it inspires me

  13. god bless

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  16. Wonderful boy!GOD BLESS,,

  17. Wow, this looks like nothing short of child abuse…

  18. super god bless all our children all over the world…….

  19. really it inspires me…. my baby is 2.5 years old…. and i notice that he has the same behavioral problem….now i starts to give him speech therapy…. i am too much upset…but this vedio has turned to be hopeful now … tnx a lot for uploading….

  20. Can you say which biomedical treatments worked best for you? My son is undergoing a similar protocol and we've found methylB12, methylfolate, TMG, molybdenum, Epson salt baths, fish oil, and therapeutic grade probiotics (VSL3) helped, but we are always curious what exactly other people are finding helpful.

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