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Speech and language deficits are sometimes the primary signal of autism. Some individuals with autism …


  1. You Lie
    >>>>>>>So you submit a hypthesis, not a theory, and claim to be right. See
    thats why a hypothesis means that you have not done a study on it. If
    you had actual evidence you'd present it in a paper and win a nobel
    prize. Since you cant, because its not true, you wont.<<<<<<<<<<<

    Translation: If the medial establishment blesses your study all then it's a valid study, if it doesn't fuck you.

    Only those of you who believe the in the flying spaghetti monster(debunkers) think experts that go against the grain are rewarded for it.

  2. For those who think Big Medicine pays people to post here: they don't need to. There are people called pseudo-skeptics whose raison d'être is to defend the official narrative/convention wisdom. Instead of playing WOW or collecting stamps they fight for "science"(scientific orthodoxy) and "rationality"(group-thinking like they do). Since the
    position of the establishment is a reflection of the official narrative they parrot whatever the scientific, historical and media establishment says. The medical establishment says vaccines are safe so “skeptics” they say vaccines are safe.  The ME says DR. Wakfield is a fraud without so hey claim Dr.Wakfield is a fraud – without evidence of course.
    Collin A and You Lie seem more educated and intelligent then most debunkers, but debunkers they are. The ON is the only thing that matters to them; any expert that contradicts it is a crank and a fraud, any whistleblower and witness is a lair, any study
    not blessed by the establishment wasn’t good enough. Skeptic-bunkers do for
    free what shills get paid to do.

  3. CDC needs to change their name to LMBV (legal murder by vaccines).. their name dont suit them,,they sure dont control disease or prevent it, instead for their own selfish GREED they put poison in the vaccines to harm us.

  4. you stupid dumb fucks you all need help

  5. 5:11 says betray to us all. Putting a black scape goat at the end is confusing, though.

  6. The drug companies have a track record of omitting negative study data and fabricating results. It is no different with vaccines. But by all means get your kids vaccinated by the same companies that create pain killers that kills more people annually than the heroin, cocaine and meth combined.

    These bullshit studies that drug companies fund and fabricate is simply them acting as a corporation and protecting their financial interests. The drug companies are so damn powerful that they regulate what the FDA does and doesn't say.

    These companies are in business to make money. Looks like you guys need to see the documentary The Corporations see for yourself the immoral and unethical ways they conduct themselves.

    I'm tired of these vaccine companies claiming that their vaccines don't cause autism. I'm also tired of the overwhelming proof that shows they have injured negative study results time and time again.

    Ritalin is a form of speed and patents are stupid enough to listen to doctors to quote these biased drug companies that claim their products are safe.

    Get a reality check folks!!!

  7. They can at least try and divide the mmr vaccine up. Measles one day, mumps another, and rubella on a different day. Have these spread far apart to make them more safe. Vaccines should be 100% safe or not used at all . They have the technology. I believe if something is given to someone that is known to cause death or injury, it should be a criminal act. For someone to inflict someone else with toxins seems it should be just as bad as assault. If a doctor gives a flu shot to a patient and they die because of it this should be an unintentional manslaughter.

  8. shingshongshamalama


  9. Janissa_thompson2015

    https://youtu.be/xbXsXeDXf68 vaccines cause my baby autism

  10. Captain Chromosome

    Will i become this stupid when i grow up?

  11. Son Of Trex (Napstablook)


  12. why are they called cdc. where's the "p" for "prevention"?

  13. some people are concerned about millions of sick kids who are gonna grow up in need of continous assistance and its gonna cost the tax payers billions of dollars which is gonna affect the economy of the U.S , maybe now its time to think what is the relation of this situation to FEMA COFFINF ( millions of them ) payed by the US government . is this not weird?

  14. I don't understand this people are BORN with autism not turned to have it like why would people say that then say other rubbish I hate that. people are born with it and the person can't see it till there aware of it it's so sad and if there was a cure if anyone out there has it say I don't want the cure I'm different and I like it but if anyone believes this that's fine I don't mind

  15. "And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a PHARMACOLOGICAL method of making people love their servitude, and producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by PHARMACOLOGICAL methods."

    — Aldous Huxley

  16. MD doctors are so brainwashed by Big Pharma in their med schools.

  17. I feel that parents should have a say on what goes in their children's body and I'd they chose not to vaccinate their kids it should be our choice but this people at us up that is we refuse vaccinating or children they can't attend school and I'd they don't attend school then we get ACS called because they consider it neglect

  18. your child, your choice, your responsability. this isn't the first time, and still the same decision?

  19. The Inquisition is continuing in disguise of righteous justifications (the ends ) that justify the means ….have a nice day, but Please WTF UP !


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  22. WOW!! this is fucking ridiculous, how can people be so naive and oblivious, thank god for darwinism, hope you all get a preventable disease and die.

    But seriously, lets just say vaccines cause autism, whether its the tetanus, MMR, smallpox, polio etc.

    please give me an honest answer, Would you rather have your child have autism? or have your child get polio and be potentially disable, or get smallpox and die, or get measels and die??
    because fuck me sideways id rather have my child have autism

    people need to realise that people who HAVE autism can still live productive and full filling lives

  23. Was deemed twice that in black children.
    ….in a sample of FIVE CHILDREN.
    He did "statistics" on FIVE CHILDREN!

  24. This guy is an idiot and a liar. And Andrew Wakefield (author of Vaxxed) is a fraud whom had his medical license stripped due to his intentionally falsified study:
    A mass of evidence to the contrary: https://www.aap.org/en-us/Documents/immunization_vaccine_studies.pdf
    Most comprehensive refutation to antivax tripe that I've ever seen:
    Also, just so you're aware of your death toll in realtime:
    Polly Tommy supports those who murder autistics: https://youtu.be/Z8Txb-vquEo
    Del Bigtree likens Autistics to dogs and chimps: https://youtu.be/UgDP4JUNg-w
    Autism rates are not increasing: http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/press/press-releases/2014/august/no-rise-in-autism-in-20-years
    AutismOne is entirely repulsive:
    http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2015/05/19/autism-one-as-quacky-as-it-ever-was/ ALSO: http://exposingautismone.com/

  25. I no longer believe vaccines cause autism.In the bible,Jesus casts a deaf and dumb spirit out of a boy,that is robbing him of his ability to speak.Funny,how many with autism cannot speak,and are low functioning.Mine included.Yes,I used to beleive vaccines caused it,Until,I read the bible and the Book Of Enoch.Audio version on youtube.See Brother Carlos` youtube video on Deliverance from autism.Also,see videos by Win Worley,Derek Prince,John Echardt.Autism,is likely a combo,of generational curses,demons,and witchcraft spells.Many in healthcare,both alternative and mainstream are witches and warlocks.America is likey endtimes Babylon.Witchcraft,fake healthcare,is likely the sorcery of Babylon,and God destroys Babylon in the last days.Read the book of ACTS,also verses about sorcery,witchcraft,generational curses,and the book of Revelation.Much deception in these last days.

  26. Vaccines will also make your kids gay

  27. let the numbers speak for themselves.

    1976 instances of autism 5 in 100.000

    2016 1 in 100

    So. we can see there is a fucking huge problem with autism.

    in my opinion this whole thing was manufactured.

    why would this be allowed to happen. ?

    Autism produces many levels of learning difficulties, the ppl responsible for this are looking to create a society of people who are able to work but will probably never question anything.
    you see, autism is not just a childhood thing it is for life.

  28. Man, I bet all of these people are really glad that they didn't get polio

  29. Dharia Maria Lurie

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  30. Oh god the paid trolls on this thread are amazing!  411staff Mumbai,    Head office USA<  they get paid RS7000 amonth, and operate out of call centres.   Yeah, they don't just annoy us on the telephone anymore!    Kat Ganesan is Head troll, and brags on his LinkedIn page about all the pharma companies, and chemical companies he has done software work for, and brags about winning the Best Hack Microsoft Award, 2012, best hack of mobile and web.           Well Done Kat!  You are a legend!       Well your software messed up bigtime a few weeks ago, not only gave out the aliases, the translations but also the job number details.                 I don't know how some people can live with themselves?

  31. The Hammurabi Chode


  32. Equally, why are very young children being diagnosed with Schizophrenia?!  And when I say young, I mean young i.e. 7+ years old………….

  33. The only evidence that vaccines have anything to do with increased risk of autism comes from a fraudulent 1998 study with falsified data perpetrated by a corrupt hack who was struck from the medical registry and banned from practicing medicine in the UK. All the fear-mongering nonsense since then has come solely from anecdotes and gross assumption that there must be some validity to them. That's not how science and evidence works. If there was some truth to the claims then surely the now fairly populated and well-funded anti-vax "movement" would be able to provide some sort of evidence, right? Every study, independent or otherwise has shown ZERO correlation between vaccinations and increased risk of autism. Even if, there was a link; even if there was a theoretical 1% risk factor, which would be very substantial in the scheme of large populations – if you and your children lived in a population with no herd immunity to the host of diseases that vaccines provide immunity against, the risk of debilitation or death from any one of those diseases would be significantly higher than that theoretical 1% risk. But there is no risk. Tens of millions of children receive vaccines every year with no ill effect. Were the risk real, you would see tens of thousands of cases of children whose autism manifested after receiving vaccinations and thus could be directly attributed to it.

    If you don't want to vaccinate your children, thus compromising the herd immunity that's so far ensured a host of deadly diseases were all but removed from developed nations, while contributing to increasing life expectancy in many underdeveloped nations that have had to endure actual risk for far too long, you're going to have to content yourself with the social stigma that comes with being considered a credulous and uninformed fool who perpetuates a form of child neglect, on top of missing out on any and all government subsidies or benefits that are normally given to families with young children. Thankfully, that's where legislation is heading and rightly so

  34. I hope all anti-vaxxers get variola and die off…

  35. This is utter bullshit.

  36. how much OG.Miracle- paid for this vaccine?

  37. How can these people SLEEP how criminal can people get when they hurt children.GOD cures you BASTARDS…..

  38. VACCINE REFUSAL FORM TO BE PRESENTED TO HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS Prepared by joemorales http://www.independentpress.info
    1) Appreciation of Health Care Professionals who have dedicated their lives in the care of others.
    2) That I, my family, and Health Care Professional, are partners in care.
    3) Government regulators lack medical expertise or understanding of patient circumstances nor do they have a right to that informaton, as per: As early as 1923 the Supreme Court recognized that the liberty given in the 5th & 14TH AMENDMENT: Section 1. "No State shall make, or enforce, any law which shall abridge the privileges, or IMMUNITIES, of citizens of the United States".
    4) The fact that vaccine providers cannot be sued casts a pall on the safety of vaccinations. Big Pharma and media is legally protected from having to disclose accurate ingredient information. This is not science. It is politics.
    5) Nuerotoxic poisons banned for use in other products should not be injected into any living thing.
    6) Generic vaccine literature (largely the only training material for medical professinals) does not take into account the different vaccine batches produced in various unknown countries using variated, genetically drifted pathogens. This is not science. It is profit.
    7) Patient sensitivity to the various components of vaccines is not known.
    8) All tests and research are done by the vaccine providers and negative findings are suppressed by both producers and government. This is not science. It is politics.
    9) Vaccine "shedding" unnecessarily confers disease to others. "There were several cases of measles outbreaks occurring in children who had just been vaccinated," explained Dr. Humphries. "They looked at, with this DNA and genetic fingerprinting, what strains they were and it was the vaccine strain that they were infected with. Not only did they become sick from measles from the strain that they were vaccinated with but they were shedding contagion."
    10) Nuerotoxic poisons banned for use in other products should not be injected into any living thing.
    11) The hundreds of thousands-per-annum of cases of vaccine related hospitalization, disability, deaths or life-threatening illness are underreported but show a 20% increase worldwide.
    12) Government agencies and "Big Pharma" revolving doors and goverment (Rumsfeld/Tamiflu) profiting. This is not science. It is collusion between government and pharmaceutical corporation.
    13) Barrage of vaccines not only muddy causations but synergistically precipitate disease onsets.
    14) The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.
    15) Compulsory vaccines are in violation of Nuremberg Code & Helsinki Declaration.
    16) The vaccine cult controlled by pharmacuetical pontifs is not science but is a new state religion that is entirely autistic to the evidence of raging epidemic of vaccine related diseases.
    17) Although vaccination damage is circumstantial all school shootings are pharmaceutically triggered.
    18) As it is becoming increasingly evident that healthcare professionals exclude their families from any vaccine schedual they should have the courtesy to conspicuously display their vaccine schedual amoung the other ceritifications before any discussion about vaccines should take place.


    Dr. Blaylock: "You have the military-industrial complex on one side & you have the experts on the other".
    Dr. Bradstreet: Executed 6/16/15 immediately after Fed raid of his clinic (SEE: youtube.com/watch?v=2hvD5vh2cec & naturalnews.com/050553_Dr_Bradstreet_GcMAF_cancer_therapy.html ).
    Dr. Carley: "Vaccines Are True Weapons Of Mass Destruction."
    Dr. Douglass: "How do we close the tide of terrorism that flows out of health clinics & pediatrician offices around the world?"
    Dr. Eisenstein: "We've treated @35,000 children over the years. I don't think we've seen a case of autism in a child that never received vaccines."
    Dr. Grandin: "And you know what? They don't do it to cattle."
    Dr. Greenberg, Department of Bio-statistics Head, University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, testified in a 1962 U.S. Congressional hearing, "There had been a 50% increase in polio cases between 1957 & 1958, & an 80% increase the following year, but the statistics had been deliberately manipulated by the Public Health Service to give the opposite impression".
    Dr. Hilleman: "Merck vaccine scientist admits, "SV40, AIDS & cancer in vaccines" (SEE: youtube.com/watch?v=-uGWut6IRfA & youtube.com/watch?v=GvsXrVkjyz4 ).
    Dr. Horowitz, author of EMERGING VIRUSES: Aids & Ebola: Accident or Intentional, reviewed Clinton's Working Group on Influenza Preparedness & stated, "When a long train of abuses, and usurpations, evince a design to reduce our basic rights, our Constitution requires us to throw off such despotic power." (SEE: proliberty.com/observer/20011202.htm & youtube.com/watch?v=6bPDBND2jL4 & vimeo.com/47773086 ).
    Dr. Laibow & Gen. Stubblebine: "Vaccines Are A Complete Fraud. Don't Poison Your Child!" Medical Doctor & Top Intel Officer expose vaccine genocide.
    Dr. Lanctot: Vaccination is a biological weapon."
    Dr. Mercola: " The pieces of the puzzle start to add up. Bush claimed 2 million people will die from avian flu in the US (Rumsfeld, was Chairman of Tamiflu's Gilead, & major shareholder)"
    Dr. Oz: "No Flu Shots For My Kids!"
    Dr. Scheibner: "Vaccines do not prevent disease.They are implicated in causing disease & very serious reactions."
    Dr. Shannon: Former Director of National institute of health declared, "The only safe vaccine is one that is never used."
    Dr. Thompson came forward after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on an autism study was filed with help from Representative Issa. The CDC documents, & discussions with the whistle blower, reveal widespread manipulation of scientific data & top-down pressure on CDC scientists to suppress a causal link between the MMR vaccine & autism. CDC whistle blower admits racist cover-up .
    Dr. Wolfson: "I crafted a blog post on VaccineImpact.com that went viral. The article was a scathing condemnation of parents who blindly follow their doctor's bad advice. Most parents do not question vaccine safety or the benign childhood infections vaccines were designed to prevent. I stand by that post today as much as on the day I crafted it." Anti-vaccine witch hunt FAIL: Dr. Wolfson was cleared of all charges for exercising his free speech rights on the issue of vaccine risks & stupidity of blind obedience.
    OTHER MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS that support 14th Amendment.
    At the 69 annual meeting of Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, Past President Lee Hieb, M.D., remarked, " Mandatory vaccinations violate the Nuremberg Code. Voluntary consent is absolutely required."
    – Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines
    – Doctors on SILENT EPIDEMIC
    – Vaccinations have given rise to deadly atypical measles
    RECOMMENDED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwuyxyBUmwY & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuHra7ZcAa8

    SIGNED: date:

  39. I'm new to this whole debate and haven't completely formed an opinion although I see nonsense in the way the Anti-vaccine side uses facts. Just the tone of this video should make people question. Why the need to talk in such a way? And some of the leaps in logic from the anti vaccine side is troubling.

  40. this hypotheses was put forth by 'dr' wakefield, but as a 'FACT'
    resulting in hundreds of thousands of british children NOT getting their
    MMR shots and thousands of them later dying of especially measles –
    which makes wakefield and his colleagues and
    like-minded supporters of this 'theory' accessories to murder. for the
    well documented bottom line see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3136032/
    if you happen to be someone trying to link mmr immunization with autism,
    go and speak to someone who has lost a child in the wake [no pun] of
    wakefields 'finding' [by the way, his test sample consisted of 12 kids!]
    resulting in withholding mmr from their kid!

  41. Well, that's how I got my autism at age 2

  42. Aww, crap. Now more parents are going to kill their kids because they refuse to vaccinate. It doesn't make me angry as much as it makes me sad, and the worst part is, people will believe this. Just look at the channel! It is hard for me to trust a channel full of conspiracy theories and unreliable sources. If you look closely, it is easy to see this video is fake and created to harvest views. This study was discredited by peers for a reason; it was wrong.

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