Just as a result of you will have autism and have a meltdown dosent give academics the proper to beat you, drive feed you vomit and break you for all times.

If that is the best way we deal with those that are handicapped we’re condoning nothing lower than a Hitler mentality that may destroy not solely these with autism however our entire system of freedom.

Favorite, remark and ship this video to everybody you already know earlier than its too late.

May God assist us….


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  1. You sure this isn't the JRC?

  2. This isn't abuse. The child needed restrained because he was showing violent behavior.

  3. What do they think would have been an apropriate course of action. He was kicking over a huge table. It took several people to restrain him. If he has severe melt downs at school…wouldn't that suggest he reacts the same way at home?

  4. I don't Like having an IEP

  5. Try this shit in Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

  6. Case-Railfan Productions

    I have Autism,and I was never abused when I was in school

  7. i took mauy thai and jiu jitsu becuse the way i was treated in shithole class rooms like this! it starts out with us getting tired of being controlled and trying to leave the class room then they fucking grab us by our wrists and drag us to out desks and we get mad and freak the hell out! this is a lot more common then you all think and the staff like usual try to use the excuse were 'dangerous' or 'out of control' when they are the ones that need to learn some fucking decency and respect! they dont even try to communicate with us they just grab! i'm glad i learn mauy thai i love the look on their faces when they heard i was taking that! plus i took gracie jiu jitsu which is great becuse they try to take me to the ground! id suggest gracie jiu jitsu to everone who is autistic you don't need to touch to learn it either you can buy the blue belt cd and train yourself.

  8. What are they supposed to do with a dangerous explosive teenager? He was not obeying commands to stop, so just let him violently rage and hurt the other kids?


  10. Freaking Nazis.

  11. Please sign this petition for Paul Mdorowski, an innocent autistic man sentenced to life without parole for no reason! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/949/200/168/free-innocent-autistic-man-who-was-given-life-without-parole-for-no-reason/

  12. I think that when autistics become the majority that we should be allowed to to shoot neurotypicals for sport until they are extinct. Any neurotypical babys born should be humanely euthanized because this is how disgusting they are, look what these fleas have done to our earth!

  13. Group Of Autistic Rights (GOAR)

    I will bomb non autistics homes until only autistic people live in the world we are autistic #autismbeforeanything

  14. The Dazzling Dolphin

    The quality is horrible, I can't see the screen

  15. It is truly strange how people say the teachers handled the immediate situation as best they can, yet brawls, pencil throwing, and hitting people with backpacks are no less alarming in the immediate aftermath, yet apparently these behaviors do not lead to restraints, at least in a school I knew about. This is said because somebody used the excuse of "immediate situation" to justify this, although there are are relatively calm times where they could have gone over other alternatives. If this is truly a last-resort method of desperation, it requires an apology and expression of genuine sorrow that they had to resort such a thing, because "last resort measures" mean that the situation is not okay. In fact, contrary to what they say, I have seen a number of autistic people and none of them have flipped tables. Table-flipping seems to be the expression of a meltdown, when an autistic person reaches their breaking point. If table flipping truly is common, then the teachers need to offer a sincere apology for the last "last-resort" measure they used, then, during a calm time, discuss how they can avoid escalating situations so as to prevent these meltdowns. This is no less than is what expected from the children, and surely if the children are expected to take a deep breath and keep the emotions under control, it is because the teachers are perfectly capable of doing that. Instead, they resort to a method that is worse than a slap with a ruler across the hand (the latter has not been known to kill people and can actually hurt less than certain sensory sensitivities these kids have)

  16. Did the employees just totally forget there were cameras inside the school?Why try and lie about what occurred when it can be proven?

  17. Adults With Autism

    Adults With Autism-THE MOVIE
    New Documentary

  18. This type of thing will never end and there is no help or hope to escape it, After i was drove to the point of almost killing myself publicly, a lot of the people in a few of the services got put together in a group that was ment to help and i was threatened to stay quiet, One year later I went to try and get help a hard thing to do, because i did that they took the one thing away that stopped me from actually just ending it back then my family my 3 sons and my partner, I am not allowed to leave the city were I live if I do they told me they would just have me brought back, they just get together and back each other up no matter what, So now i don't see how anything will ever change right now i am having mini meltdown on a daily basis some times 2 or 3 but apparently thats ok coz ones I have a major one then they just get to lock me up, was actually told that but thats ok I did everything they told me to and still they just go out of there way to make it worse you would think that 20 years of hell they would at least let me have a life but now I can't even see tomorrow every day just seems the same just blended together in one thats never ending, In there eyes im broken, im not a real person if i was I wouldn't be in this hell with no way to get out,they even told my oldest son who has autsim as well that he was broken that killed me inside that a teacher had told him that,It is to late for me but I do hope this is stopped soon I can't help my son now and I can't fight anymore I am to tired to everything is just to much i don't even know what to do anymore ,maybe I should just end it but I will let the world see and the reason's why, If that helps at least get this stopped even if its just for 1 person it would be worth it, but i dout it after all here in sunderland even a PC Todd stated people have a right to treat me the way they do, Like it wasn't bad enough that family did it to me most my life but its ok for everyone else to as well they can all go to hell, they might think im not a real person well I refuse to be a puppet any longer…….

  19. It isn't always possible to restrain such kids. We can't. Our brother is a big strong 21 year old boy while my parents are getting older and weaker. All we can do is wait for the meltdown to be over :(. Extremely hard for us to see our dearest beloved brother having a meltdown 🙁 . Showbiz must stop romanticizing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3opEma9FWc. An Android App I just made for my Autistic brother. I am sure you'll find it help full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMiszTdFkGM

  20. It look like to me its vary hard to care for them kinds of kids . I wouldn't want to be the one to care for them . I may get hurt by one of those kids.

  21. I was friends with an autistic child

  22. Please sign this petition for Kimber Edwards an innocent autistic man who got sentenced to life without parole in prison for a crime he never committed and even after the real murderer was caught and confessed, the autistic man is still in prison! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/265/776/635/free-autistic-kimber-edwards/

  23. Please sign this petition for Kimber Edwards, and it is an artistic man who was given a life sentence without parole for Falsely confessing to a crime he never committed, even when the real Murderer came forward and cleared Edwards from any wrongdoing.://http://www.thepetitionsite.com/265/776/635/free-autistic-kimber-edwards/

  24. The “MINORBRANDON21” Way

    Screw Autism Abuse

  25. One does not have autism. One is Autistic.
    I feel deja vu.

  26. autism is fake lol

  27. "AUTISM ABUSE – THIS SHOULD BE CRIMINAL!" Why shouldn't abuse in general be outlawed. I'm sick of Autism groups that insist that people with ASD should be the only ones free from abuse when there are plenty of neurotypicals who also have dealt with being abused. It's kinda selfish that they don't take that into consideration.

  28. clearly a violent kid

  29. I'm tired of Autistic kids. I've had it with them. I feel sorry for them, but I see no point for their lives. I feel awful saying that, but i'm just being honest.

  30. while I agree there should be no pumishment for this kind of behavior in autistic children (its not their fault, many dont even realize what they are doing) restraint during an outburst is all you can do. He has a high probability of hurting themselves or others if you just leave them. What else can you do? They talk about preventing it in the first place which is true, but many times they cannot be 100% prevented. its going to happen.

  31. Based on the videos, he did not do anything threatening to a teacher that can cause injury to the student or staff. If I was in that situation, I would tell him to follow directions or I would make a consequence such as calling home, time out etc. this was brutal and disheartening to watch.

  32. Matt Seifman (YouthDev1836)

    From what I can see… the behaviors did warrant crisis intervention.  The student flipped a desk, flipped a table, apparently had an issue in the cafeteria… these are ALL crisis situations where the student is presenting behavior that is dangerous to himself and / or others.  I can't say for certain that the staff acted accordingly because it does seem like there are bruises and scars obtained possibly from these incidents.  However, I would NOT paint it as intentional abuse based solely on the staff intervening in crisis situations.  It is VERY typical for a student with autism to "lash out" and act out as a means of expression.  They're frustrated, they're upset because they're not getting their way, they're anxious, excited etc… HOWEVER, them lashing out IS dangerous behavior at which point the student is restrained and there are NEGATIVE consequences to their behavior.  No child wants to be held down, restrained and / or have 3 staff members holding them.  However, that unto itself is basic motivation to act differently.  They start making the association "I don't want this, so I am going to do good behavior.  I will not flip the table or the desk, or fight someone etc…"  

    It's all about how the situation is handled.  It may look horrible to the untrained eye, but it is educational and necessary when done properly

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