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Autism – 7 year old speaks

This is Derby. He watched a video lately a few mother or father that believed her baby had been poisoned by a vaccine inflicting Autism. She referred to her baby as being sick and needed him to recuperate as if he had a horrible sickness.

Autism is a spectrum dysfunction that impacts 1 in 150 individuals – presently, there isn’t a recognized cause. Every individual with Autism has exceptional talents in addition to deficits. Autism in some ways is a language of its personal and must be higher understood and accepted by all of us.

Often, a toddler like Derby will take heed to the phrases, translate to his personal language after which translate again into phrases what he needs to say. These additional steps require endurance, understanding, and constructive reinforcement.

Processing info in another way is just not a illness and wishes no remedy. Please help all Autistics and their neuro-variety.

NOTE: This video wasn’t meant as a judgment – it was meant as a self expression of what a toddler thinks about autism and the world round him. For those that come right here to guage his capability or ours as mother and father, we’re not as you may be faraway from commenting.


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  1. what type of autism does he have? low or high or aspie

  2. hello. my son was diagnosed with moderate autism today. it hit my like a ton of bricks. was there ever a time when your son couldn't talk? Mine is about to be 3 and is still nonverbal. Your son seems to be high functioning. I think those that want a "cure" may have children who are more severe on the spectrum. I want to have hope for my son. i hate feeling like he isn't going to get everything out of life that I wanted him to

  3. I know a little girl who is 7yrs has autism. Her parents are in denial. School system allow her to go to first grade without even helping her. I Advice the parents to go for help. Mother was receptive father was in total denial. He thinks he could teach her but his educational levels Limited him. Some time afterwards the school got involved. She went to see a professional which put her in the category of ADD and put her on medication .Which made her worse. The child barely talks un less you talk to her. Then she looks up and continue to repeat herself in a loop . All the while shaking her hands and walking in circles. When I am there I end up holding her hand. I communicate to her she does respond to me. Only for a little while.Then she goes back into the loop of repeating herself. Her mother thinks that she's doing this because of a loss of a dog. I don't see it that way. When her mother was crying for the dog child was laughing. When the dog was a alive she would pinch and hit the dog. It's not easy to be around a child like this constantly repeating herself in the loop and tapping on you at the same time. My grandchildren find it hard to interact with her. Mother has very little interaction with her as well. It seems to be a problem with the mother as well. Mother thinks that she's artistic too. I know her thinking is not the same as a normal person .I thought it was how she was brought up and lack of education. What I'm trying to say with all this is that not all autism is the same. Some could be helped why not have close to a normal if you can.

  4. SBS “Aspergican” man

    I have been watching autism videos for years and that boy said the first great truth so far, namely to cure autism is to DESTROY IT.  The great truth is the fact that autists do indeed need to protect their gift, in which the outside society, a TV myth,  is directed, trained, organized and most efficient at taking away, destroying any hint of  individualism or non-team-work mind set. Just ask someone who was homosexual, autistic and attended a catholic high school in the 1950's.   A boy learns to stand his ground, fight or die and  "children are best seen and not heard" were parents ways.

  5. Just because he's somehow a little 'different' this kid had to be labeled autistic. He seems like a perfectly normal kid, with a Dad who's telling him what to say on camera ;)

  6. I want a Cure for My Autism.

  7. Is there a before video that shows he don't speak? it states speak so I assume he at one time didn't?

  8. Thanks for sharing …

  9. Hugh O' Carroll and Mendocino The Band

    thank you for posting this video – our son is 5 and just starting to speak in sentences – if he is as communicative as your son by age 7 that would be so fantastic – thanks for sharing !!

  10. I couldn't have said it better Derby!

  11. ogechi chikezie-Karter

    How old was he when he started talking?


  13. I guess your brain is wired to yell at people over the internet.

  14. Thanks for your video.

  15. I have Aspergers too. A very light form. I would never want to 'cure' it, because it makes me what I am. I live like every other normal person. Still I get upset about some things or very interested in certain subjects, which isn't really understandable for other people, like classmates.

    I like having Autism, because being normal would be too mainstream :)

  16. No need to use caps, I've got Aspergers as well. I'm 16.

  17. I just don't understand how a child can be normal and then suddenly change and be diagnosed with autism. I truly believe there's something behind it. And autism does need a cure because every child is different. This child is great, he has signs of being an independent adult with a great job. Can't say the same for all other kids labeled with autism.

  18. Jeffrey petch-harrison


  19. educate yourself before speaking about what you don't know. i wonder how you educate yourself and then manage not to know what you've just educated yourself on before speaking about it. most people are so lazy at speaking/writing. 

  20. my son does not illiterate like that … that is great … good job DERBY!!!…you are you …and very special …and so is my BILLY

  21. Psychiatry is not a quack. If you are a numerologist or a neuropsychiatric doctor you are highly qualified. Don't talk nonsense bixbybixby unless you have a scientific background and clear scientific data to work with. We don't spend 7 years professional training and continuous research just for the hell of it. Grow Up. 

  22. he was making me nervous playing with those scissors.

  23. lol, you owned that guy man ;P

  24. I envy your child. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to have my Aspergers gone. Lots of people are saying it's great and it's enriched their lives in so many ways, however I'm probably at a part of my life that wants that cure the woman is talking about. Whatever you've said or done with Derby to give him such a positive outlook is awesome, you should do that all the time.

  25. My grandson is "Non-Verbal" he does say words just not very many. I thank God EVERYDAY that he is who he is. I agree with Derby!!! I know there will be some rough times ahead. However the problem is NOT the Autist child, the problem is with those who consider themselves "Normal"!!! Though i have yet to figure out what the heck normal is. My daughters fears about her son have NOTHING to do with RAISING him, her fears concern the outside world, and the way ppl treat these amazing children. 

  26. Kristina “Christy” Marquez

    aww, he's a very sweet child! I pray they find a cure.it breaks my heart to see kids with this.He's a speical kid.U can tell he's smart.

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