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New Breakthroughs in Gut Health and the Autistic Brain – Zac Bush

Zach Bush, MD, introduces a new paradigm of evidence-based science that has created a grassroots public health movement in the autism community and beyond. This unifying science reveals the link between the devastating changes in the food, farming, and medical industries and our disease epidemics from autism to Alzheimer’s. In …

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3 Steps to Naturally Heal Autism. Karen Thomas

Through almost a decade of research, trial and error, Karen Thomas brings to you the resources and solutions that healed her own child from the symptoms of autism including stomach aches, headaches, oppositional defiance disorder, anger, anxiety, focus issues, and more. Karen offers a guide for parents to help simplify …

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Focus On Autism: Benjamin’s Story

United Nations – A young filmmaker, Benjamin Rosloff, visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York City where he explored the building and interviewed the UN’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Since birth, Benjamin has been living with autism but it doesn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of making films …

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Autism and Society | George Smith | TEDxYouth@MVHS

Autism. It is a neurological disease that is on the rise in the U.S. We have advanced dramatically in diagnosing autism but socially have we grown ? George Smith will be discussing the disease and how it impacts one’s life, and he will show that society needs an open mind, …

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