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Welcome to the Autism and EMF Group

Welcome to the Facebook Autism and EMF Group: facebook.com/groups/AutismEMF/ Exploring the emerging link between autism and EMF/wireless, and helping ASD families to heal their children by providing information and resources for reducing their exposure. This video describes a simple and free protocol to start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWCk7RYGGS4 source

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What is Autism? Read the full article at www.adultswithautism.org.uk Although everyone on the autistic spectrum has to meet the same diagnostic criteria, each individual will display their symptoms in a unique way. This is due to the influence of personality traits, environmental factors and other co-existing developmental, or psychological disorders. …

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Ellen Meets the Dancing Starbucks Barista

Sam is a barista who has autism, and to help him focus, he dances his way through the workday. After a video of his dance moves went viral, Ellen had to meet this inspirational individual and his incredible boss in person. Find out more about Shutterfly here: https://www.shutterfly.com/ source

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My son has autism

Hey everyone. This was a hard video to make but I got through it. Autism is one of the most alarming diagnosis a parent can hear. BUT it isn’t the end of the world for your child. With early interventions, therapies, and structure, Caden will improve. Although the symptoms of …

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