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Organizing For Autism – Organize Your Home With an Autistic Child

For mothers, or anyone who is caring for an child with autism needs to get their homes organized and have schedules. That is my secret recipe. I know it is easier said than done. So first of all we take one room at a time. Autistic children benefit just as much as we do from proper organization. So in this video I will help to get properly organized. Your kids have so many things that belong to them in the bathroom, and it can become a real mess. organization is extremely important in the life of a kid.

Labeling is important for great organizational skills and for your home, use your empty baby wipe boxes to get organized. You can put toy soldiers, cotton balls, bandaids, or grooming supplies in these boxes, anything you want! Buy a labeling machine for about $22.00 at walmart and make sure you buy the sticking labels. They are sold separately. The wipe boxes are great for stacking in the bathroom and bedrooms. This will also teach your children word association. Your husband, personal care workers, and ABA therapist will actually appreciate know where things are so there is no confusion during the care of your special needs child.

So let’s start in the bathroom. Make a grooming box for your child. Have his toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion or face wash needed, razor and deodorant. Do a box just for tubes, with neosporin, hydrocodone,rashes tubes. Have labels for where the washcloths, towels, baby wipes, diapers, liners go, so people who help run your household can re-stock when they run out.

Now in the Bedroom – label their dresser with pants, shirts, protective coverings, underwear, shorts and other clothing items . You can also have your children decorate their boxes for their toys. We have baby wipes boxes filled and labeled for Mr. Potato head parts. play-doh, color crayons,toy soldiers, cars you can go for ever. This is such a fun project for kids and it teaches them organizational skills to help simplify their lives also. Believe it or not kids do like to be organized and know what is expected of them, autistic or not. This can be a fun do it yourself project as well. ( DIY )

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