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How Autism Sees The World

People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are known to have over-responsivity and/or under-responsivity in vision. This video shows how people with ASD perceives the world based on our experiment. For example, ASD’s vision increases the contrast, loses the color and the sharpness, and produces doted noises, which are caused by …

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Small Wonders, Big Gains: The Preschool Autism Classroom

This video is a snapshot of what a preschool autism classroom looks like. A parent, a teacher, and a behavioral specialist provide insight and expertise on the role of early intervention and how it may influence the academic and social interaction of preschool children on the autism spectrum. source

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Code Blue for Behavioral Emergencies in Autism

Mother documents importance of properly diagnosing and PROMPTLY treating pain in NON VERBAL autistic son who couldn’t tell anyone why he was hurting. Her son, like many non-verbal, severely-autistic people, will use INCREASED self-injurious behavior, screaming or biting themselves, to try and communicate they are in PAIN. And need prompt …

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