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Autism and Echolalia: Tips for Using it Productively

“Echolalia” is the repetition (or “echo”) of the exact phrases someone else has spoken. People with autism utilize echolalia because they want to engage in meaningful social interactions, but they don’t have the necessary language skills. Here are some great ways how you as the parent can respond to echolalia …

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Facts About Autism*

That earth worm is back with another video about facts probably. This time the facts are about Autism. Ok. Uh? This is a sentence. ♥ Support the Dumbass Dinosaurs Patreon Probably? ♥ https://www.patreon.com/dumbassdinosaurs?ty=h ♠ Subscribe for more Dumbass Dinosaurs! ♠ Twitter – https://twitter.com/DumbDinosaurs Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DumbassDinosaurs Instagram – https://instagram.com/dumbassdinosaurs/ ChangeTip …

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Best Methods for Teaching Eye Contact to Your Child w/ Autism

As you integrate these various direct, indirect, verbal, and non-verbal techniques to your interactions, your child will be able to make better eye contact and understand communication more accurately! ~Karen Kabaki-Sisto is an expert communication educator, SLP, and creator of the I Can! For Autism Method™. Read Karen’s blog articles …

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Autism & Impulse

Impulsive feeling and thinking can be a struggle for INFJs if they are unaware of how their functional stack operates, and if it is not the same as all are led to believe. It is possible for Fe to override Ni if there is imbalance in an INFJ. Or, an …

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