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Sensory Rocking Chair for Autism & Sensory Overload by DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability

DEMAND support people with any kind of disability, often our service helps those with physical needs, but our skills and expertise can also be of great help to people with learning disabilities such as autism.

We were contacted by The Collett School which specialises in teaching children with a huge range of learning disabilities. Their teachers were looking for a replacement for their hooded childrens chair, once purchased from IKEA. They noticed that the chair was invaluable in teaching pupils to calm down by themselves, providing an option to take some time out away from the stresses of the classroom and their friends. However the IKEA chair spins on it’s base and the teachers noticed this motion would often stimulate the students – counteracting their efforts to calm them! They were looking for a chair that would rock gently rather than spin, adding to the calming sensation.

Having had no luck finding a replacement chair online DEMAND designed an adult size version to suit all of the students at the Collett School, with a rocking base and a specially made hood to create an enclosed and comforting feeling when sitting in the chair. The chair is intended to remove some of the stimuli from the environment, providing a quiet corner to relax.

The rocking motion is soothing, helping the students to be calm and collect their thoughts. A learning disability can often affect the way a person understands and processes information, so having time and space to do so independently is a huge benefit in a school environment. By teaching the students to take some time out in the rocking chair, the school hopes they will learn to be more independent and able to manage their emotions and reactions independently.

With the help of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden we are making 5 more chairs for the school.


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