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So my child has Autism, Now what?

Finding out your child is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder is frightening. Just know that it is a snap shot in time.
These are just suggestions to take to your doctor. Please work with your doctor to find a good treatment plan that will work for Your Child.

You never know how much healing can occur with the right interventions. Early interventions and testing is key. Getting speech and occupational therapy is very important but even more important is cleaning up the diet and addressing the causes of the behaviors. You want your child to be clear headed so that therapy can be beneficial.
Get a holistic/ or naturopath DAN doctor or just a good natural doctor that understands gut disorders. We want to treat the child as a whole.
Medical testing that CAN be beneficial,
Comprehensive stool analysis
IGG Food sensitivity testing (biotek ect)
Heavy metal tesing
Spectracel vitamin deficiency testing
(have your docs use labs like Great Plains, Genova, and Doctors Data)
Many local labs will not do the correct types of testing you need, even if the tests have the same names!
Most of these tests have to be paid for out of pocket and are not covered by insurance sadly, some are partially covered. It’s a very good idea to put $ in a health savings account for these tests in case they are not covered.

Take good notes of your child’s food intake and symptoms. Also is symptoms increase after eating a certain food or after a certain activity. Many kids have behavioral issues after eating cheese or swimming due to problems with digesting dairy and swimming due to Chlorine (toxic overload). These are just examples.
Journal if you child hand flaps, covers their ears, runs in circles, lines up toys, looses language, throws tantrums ect. Make videos on your phone to take to doctors.
Pay attention to your child when they eat, if they chew or just swallow. Make videos of everything you can think of because this will be helpful to your doctors and therapists.

Great resources & grants!

Books to start
Healing and preventing Autism

Gaps Book


Great Probiotics

Helpful Appliances for your journey

Blendtech blender, great deal and you will need it!

Slow cooker, pressure cooker


The best natural anti inflammatory and anti-fungal that we found!
Enhansa! You can open the capsules and add to a smoothie, it has very little taste


nom nom paleo

eat like a dino

enema bulb- never let your child get constipated


For more find my blog at www.healingcavelady.com

Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. Seek out a great natural Doctor to help make a treatment plan for your child


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