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Autistic Behaviors are Human Behaviors

Dr. Barry Prizant, author of ‘Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism’ suggests a major shift in our understanding of autism. Instead of classifying “autistic” behaviors as signs of pathology, he sees them as part of a range of strategies to cope with a world that feels chaotic and …

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Out of 202 kids we have worked with 200 became autistic within 24 hours of a vaccination. Here we show how to walk you child out of Autism. It is a life ling adventure and moms – you are not failures and you will have so many wonderful and rewarding …

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More children with Autism entering the mainstream classroom

A psychologist weighs in on the challenges children with Autism face and how their classmates can help ◂ The Denver Channel, 7News, brings you the latest trusted news and information for Denver, Colorado, Mile High and the Rocky Mountains. Our mission is to provide useful, interesting news and updates on …

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So my child has Autism, Now what?

Finding out your child is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder is frightening. Just know that it is a snap shot in time. These are just suggestions to take to your doctor. Please work with your doctor to find a good treatment plan that will work for Your Child. You never …

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Khan Academy – What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a really broad disorder that affects everyone a little differently. Check out this video to learn a little bit more about ASD. And head on over to khanacademy.org or the khanacademymedicine YouTube channel to see some really informative videos! source

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Best Way To Treat Autism

Autism Answers! “Finally! An Understanding Of What Causes Developmental Delays Like Autism and Effective Ways Of Helping Your Body Reverse The Disease!” In this video, I show you exam findings of one autistic patient and steps I help her and her family take to eliminate the causes of her autism …

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