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Virtual reality’s benefits for autism

Michigan State University researchers are teaming with colleagues in Ireland to explore how wearable technologies like Oculus Rift can be used by individuals with autism to navigate virtual social situations that help them develop life skills that can lead to secure employment and independent living. source

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Pathways for Treatments in Autism Spectrum Disorder

(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv) Child psychiatrist Dr. Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele explores the two main approaches for developing autism medicines. The first and most common approach is to evaluate a treatment in the total group of people affected by ASD, usually with a small number excluded due to the presence of a known genetic …

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Life as an Undiagnosed Adult with HF Autism

I may do a second video for this subject because I feel I could say a lot more. I find making videos hard because all I really want to do is rant without picking a specific “subject”. This is basically me trying to put into words what I have been …

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Autism & Wandering | Support Avonte’s Law

Nearly half of individuals with autism engage in dangerous wandering and elopement behaviors, putting them at increased risk of serious injury or death. Please watch and share this video to help advocate for federal resources to keep our loved ones safe. NAA has been working on the wandering issue since …

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Understanding Autism

A short film to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families understand and recognise the early signs of Autism. This film is an initiative of the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officer Program funded by the Department of Social Services as part of the Helping Children with Autism …

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