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Autism (Aspergers) age 3- playschool footage

I’m sharing this videos for parents of children on the autistic spectrum, especially those described as Aspergers/Aspie or “high functioning” (I hate that term), as an example of toddler behaviour. Please feel free to ask questions if I can help in any way. This is me ( with the pink cardigan and red hair) toe-walking, hand flapping, and not interacting with other kids at 3. I was surprised at how obvious my symptoms were in this, the only video of me as a small child, but I had advanced language skills and this kind of autism wasn’t recognised in the 80s. I appeared very social as I got older and did well at school so nobody had any reason to worry at the time. With good general parenting and a support network I managed to hide my symptoms until last year, when I discovered autism and “came out” to my family as probably autistic. This was confirmed when I received the diagnosis 2 weeks ago. The report states “her presentation could be said to be rather characteristic of women on the spectrum”, although most people who meet me would never notice the difficulties, just the quirks!


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