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Autism and ASEA

Solution on a cellular level.

Secret of the quantum medicine!

Production of the Redox Signaling Molecules in the mitochondria of such weakened energetic system body/mind is significantly reduced.

What are Redox Signaling Molecules?

Redox Signaling Molecules are molecules in charge of monitoring the process of converting the fuel into energy in our body cells.

Reduced production of Redox Signaling Molecules causes fall of Glutathione production – the master body antioxidant in our cells.

Scientific studies shown that reduced amount of Glutathione in our body causes number of diseases – Dr. Dave Carpenter points on 71 and states that the number will increase with future analyses.

Reduced production of Redox Signaling Molecules also cause fall of the Superoxide Dismutase production – (SOD) enzyme that repairs the cells and reduce damages to the cells caused by Superoxide Radicals O2 ( the most common Radical in our body). Studies have shown that SOD acts as antioxidant as well, and its deficit in the system body/mind cause new manifestations – diseases.

In 2011, a list of diseases has been determined considering lack of Glutathione.


P.S. ASEA is product that we should consume 2 times a day, at the morning before our breakfast, and before we go to bed. We should consume 120 milligrams first month, and eventually go for 60 milligrams at the second month and on.



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