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Autism and the Police

A Fixers campaign led by Simon Lowe: http://www.fixers.org.uk/news/11154-11208/autism-and-the-police.php Wanting the police to have a better understanding of those with autism, Simon Lowe is campaigning to tackle the problems caused by miscommunication. The 25-year-old from Weybridge in Surrey hopes to help officers differentiate between the behaviour of a person who is …

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Understanding autism | Brendan Metz | TEDxYouth@FHS

Brendan explains the myths and realities of Autism and urges us to understand the crucial difference between can’t and won’t. Brendan Metz came to Flint Hill his freshman year of high school and is currently a senior. He’s a musical man who loves rock n’ roll and wishes to pursue …

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Autism and ASEA

Solution on a cellular level. Secret of the quantum medicine! Production of the Redox Signaling Molecules in the mitochondria of such weakened energetic system body/mind is significantly reduced. What are Redox Signaling Molecules? Redox Signaling Molecules are molecules in charge of monitoring the process of converting the fuel into energy …

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Ask an Autistic #22 – Why Acceptance? Autism Acceptance Month

What is Autism Acceptance Month? Why is acceptance important? Should I support Autism Speaks and “light it up blue”? What is the difference between awareness and acceptance? What can I do to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month? Answers to all of these questions (and a surprise visit from Jiji’s tail) in …

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Autism: A Story of Hope

Mini Documentary on the Snyder family and their son Will who has Austism. Many thanks to the Snyder for inviting me into their home to do this mini documentary and learning to never give up hope… source

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