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Homeopathic Medicine can assist children with Autism.

Nicole shares the benefits of Homeopathic Medicines for Autistic children and all children on the Spectrum. To find out more and have your questions answered call me directly on TOLL FREE 1800 244 449. Learn more at www.puraforceremedies.com and join our community at www.facebook.com/puraforceremedies or book your consultation at http://puraforceremedies.com/consultations.html

FROM NANCY: This is a message for all the mummy’s with kids with Autism, ADD and ADHD.

I wish I had found Homeopathy sooner!

My son J was diagnosed with Autism at age 3. We started speech therapy, OT and ABA therapy but with very minimal progress. J was unable to focus. He is now 4.5yrs old and had severe anxiety and lots of self injury behaviours like head hitting, banging his teeth. As well as this he was just constantly sick. We were literally on antibiotics every month!

I was so depressed as I couldn’t keep him healthy and all the behaviours were so upsetting to see. All of the therapy is expensive and with very little progress I became despondent.

It all changed when I was so desperate that I started doing my research and I came accross Nicole a Homeopath. I took a deep breath and booked in my consult with her for my son J. She knew what I was talking about, understanding all the behaviours and challenges.

She guided me through a change of diet for J and then she made remedies for Jacob. Within 2 weeks J’s anxiety was gone! His is like a different kid. He’s just so much calmer. He has started eating new foods including fruits and veg that he could not eat before Nicole’s homeopathic remedies. He was then able to focus so much better and all his therapists have been commenting “he is so calm now.”

In his ABA therapy we did 20 programs in 2hrs where usually we could only do about 8!!!! “What are you doing to help him?” they have asked.

I have seen something click inside him that’s helping him learn so much faster! The meltdowns have reduced! The self injuries behaviours have also reduced! Homeopathy is amazing! It actually works 🙂 It’s like magic in a bottle. We also use her wellness protocol as well.

But most of all his anxiety is gone! 🙂 Meltdowns have reduced right down from everyday to maybe once a week lasting only about 5mins where usually they were 30min. J’s self injury behaviour has only been once in the last 2 weeks, and this was because he was frustrated. Before Nicole’s remedies it was several times everyday.
If only I started homeopathy sooner!
Thank you so much Nicole!

From an autism mum Nancy.


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