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Teenager with autism using AAC instead of self injury

Here at Kreed’s World we really try to show real life. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes I can’t talk Kreed out of hurting himself. This video includes a short couple of seconds of self injury but then it shows Kreed calm and how we work through it. In hindsight I wouldn’t have let Kreed go outside (I thought he would jump it out) and I would have immediately taken him to his room. But you just never know- sometimes he has decided to jump it out. But you can see how quick the meltdown ended by talking it out with his device. When he wakes up today we will be talking about a couple instances from yesterday. But this is unedited what it’s like sometimes in an autism household- but I feel fortunate- before a device this would have lasted HOURS and I would have had to physically restrain him at some point. I’m thankful we’ve worked so hard on his device- the meltdowns last much shorter! This was less than five minutes and then you see calmness. (FYI he did finally ask for a shower lol as soon as I left the room).


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