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Homeopathic Medicine can assist children with Autism.

Nicole shares the benefits of Homeopathic Medicines for Autistic children and all children on the Spectrum. To find out more and have your questions answered call me directly on TOLL FREE 1800 244 449. Learn more at www.puraforceremedies.com and join our community at www.facebook.com/puraforceremedies or book your consultation at http://puraforceremedies.com/consultations.html …

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Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences for Autism – Autism Education – iPads for Autism Education

Part one of how Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences can benefit children who are on the Autism Spectrum. My iPads for Autism Education Course Series is now available with University of North Dakota Autism iPad Techniques to Bridge Learning Gaps http://educators.und.edu/onlinecourse/?id=DLT.IPAD.ATSM.TCHNQ iPad Strategies to Engage Students Who Have Autism http://educators.und.edu/onlinecourse/?id=DLT.IPAD.STRAT Turn Your …

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Teenager with autism using AAC instead of self injury

Here at Kreed’s World we really try to show real life. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes I can’t talk Kreed out of hurting himself. This video includes a short couple of seconds of self injury but then it shows Kreed calm and how we work through it. In hindsight I …

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This video was made over a year ago. I have since realized that terms like High Functioning and Low Functioning are inaccurate and harmful to others on the spectrum. I will put a link to an article explaining why I believe this in the description. I am choosing to leave …

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What Causes Autism, and How Yoga Can Help

Neuroflex Yoga for Autism was featured on the news, and I also talked about some questions regarding the cause of autism. Check out the WTOL transcript below: TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The diagnosis rates for autism spectrum disorder are climbing at a staggering rate. In the year 2000, …

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Autism, Meditation and Stress

http://www.tm.org – Can a simple, easily-learned, evidence-based meditation technique be an effective tool for reducing the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? A distinguished panel of experts explores the research, clinical applications, and uses of Transcendental Meditation for reducing stress and stress-related disorders, improving brain function, and enhancing quality of …

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