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Copy of Madison: Before & After Vaccine Induced Autism

Our Journey of Autism through our daughter’s eyes! I will always welcome others whom have witnessed the same experience with their children. Strength is in numbers, Please feel free to share your story!! But in case you haven’t noticed, this is not up for debate. If you have legit questions, …

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Teenagers with autism: getting a late diagnosis

Experts in ASD talk about older children and young people being diagnosed with ASD. You’ll hear about why a child might get a late diagnosis. For example, starting high school can trigger anxiety and make teenagers with ASD feel overwhelmed, withdraw socially and feel like they don’t fit in. source

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Early signs of autism studied in infants

Dr. Lisa Shulman, director of infant and toddler services at the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, explains which signs of autism can be present in infants aged 7 to 15 months. Early identification can lead to earlier intervention and better long-term outcome for …

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